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Heartily Healthy
From: Glanbia

This cholesterol-lowering Cheddar-style cheese is aimed at bringing back to the cheese fixture the two million consumers who have cholesterol concerns.

Price: £2.99 for 250g

Total score: 23/50
consumer’s verdict
Ian michie, 54, general Manager, logistics company, milton keynes
I’ve been working at lowering my cholesterol as part of a balanced diet using products such as Benecol and Flora Pro-activ and I was interested to hear about a new product that widened my choices - a cheese that actually lowered cholesterol.
I had effectively cut out cheese in sandwiches and salads so Heartily Healthy certainly gives me new options. Even though it’s not actually a cheese, Heartily Healthy looks, smells and tastes like a good mild Cheddar. I found it very flavoursome and I could quite easily eat the recommended daily amount of 65g.
I’m not sure if I liked the packaging but the bright green colour should at least make it reasonably easy to find in the supermarkets. I’d certainly buy it again at £2.99 a pack.
Score: 18/25
buyer’s verdict
chris suggett, senior buyer, bells stores
We have seen significant growth in sales of low cholesterol products, aided by the media campaigns that have run for Flora Pro-activ.
The packaging of Heartily Healthy does nothing to make it stand out on shelf, however. It is very bland, and does not communicate its benefit to the consumer clearly.
The aroma, appearance, taste and texture did not appeal to me personally, but thankfully I don’t need to watch my cholesterol. I am sure there would be a market for a low cholesterol cheese, although it would have a higher profile under a bigger brand umbrella.
Pricing tends to less emotive for products with a health benefit, but the £2.99 tag is very high and I think consumers would need to be certain of quality and taste before purchasing.
Score: 5/25