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Ribena Oooohh and aaarghh
From: GlaxoSmithKline

These limited edition Ribena variants are aimed at boosting sales during the spring and summer. Both low sugar, the Oooohh version promises a ‘chilly’ aftertaste while Aaarghh has a spicy chilli and ginger kick.

Price: 49p, 288ml bottle, 99p for a 3 x 250ml multipack

Total score: 34/50
consumer’s verdict
Jordan and Meagan Pratt, 10 and 5, horley, surrey
We’re not allowed sweet drinks very often but we like squashes with lots and lots of fruit and we also like Ribena.
The packs say Ribena and that makes us want to drink them but they look boring because there are no pictures. You can’t really tell what’s in them from the outside.
You can’t read the name Aaarghh very well but Oooohh is clearer and the pack is Meagan’s favourite colour. There are different colour straws on each pack.
The Oooohh name makes us think of chilly and Aaarghh makes us think of hot. I like Aaarghh as it is spicy and sweet but Meagan said it makes her tongue itchy and her tummy warm. She liked the Oooohh as it goes all minty at the end. I don’t like minty things. We wouldn’t ask mum to buy these as we like ordinary Ribena better.
Score: 14/25
buyer’s verdict
chris suggett, senior BUYER, bells stores
These Ribena limited editions sound intriguing but the reality does not totally match up to expectations. While the packaging is quite attractive, it does not shout out the novelty factor and I am not sure consumers will understand the concept of the taste challenge.
I think the products will need the heavy marketing that GlaxoSmithKline has planned in order to communicate what they are about.
It is also confusing - and not very retailer friendly - that one is best served chilled and the other at room temperature. Limited editions can only boost sales if they are sited well in a store, which generally means a stack feature or a fixture near the checkouts. One-shot drinks are not normally associated with these areas however, and do better in the chiller cabinets.
Score: 20/25