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vladivar premixed cocktails

From: Whyte and Mackay

Whyte and Mackay’s new premixed Vladivar Cocktail range has been designed to succeed Vebs, the vodka brand’s earlier foray into the RTD sector.

Price: £1.50 per bottle

Total score: 34/50
consumer’s verdict

Rebecca Riley, 35, teacher, Crawley, west sussex

My initial thoughts on Vladivar are positive - Vanilla mixed with coffee sounds like a good mix and at 4% it is not too strong.

The name is appealing and the packaging of the main body is very stylish. However, I am not impressed with the top of the bottle as I think it gives the product a cheap look.

The smell of the product is not nice and did not encourage me to taste it, but when I did I was pleasantly surprised. I found it very easy to drink, quite milky to taste, and it leaves a pleasant taste and feel in the mouth. And, importantly, it is not too sweet or too filling like some packaged milk-based drinks.

I would buy it again and I am sure it would go down well with my friends. At £1.50 per bottle the price is neither good nor bad value - it is about what I would expect to pay for this kind of drink.

Score: 18/25
buyer’s verdict


Whyte and Mackay is launching a range of 4% abv pre-mixed cocktails under the Vladivar brand. The first two launched in mid April are white Russian and black Russian a blend of coffee liqueur,cola and vladivar vodka.

These two will be followed this month by Cosmopolitan a blend of cranberry,lemon, Vladivar & Triple Sec and Sea Breeze a mix of cranberry,grapefruit and Vladivar.

The only one I have seen and tasted is white Russian. Visually it looks like cold tea but tastes like coffee-flavoured milk with just a hint of alcohol. I would imagine that it would be quite sickly after a couple of bottles. The presentation is OK but nothing special. In a declining market, unless given major marketing support, I think they will struggle to create any impact.

Score: 16/25
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April 2003