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Filippo berio olive spread

From: Matthews Foods

The olive oil brand has moved into territory dominated by Unilever’s newly-renamed Bertolli with the launch of this low-fat olive oil-based spread

Price: £1.49 for 500g

Total score: 38/50
consumer’s verdict

Deborah CAmpbell, 32, MD of fashion company

It’s a great idea to roll out a low-fat margarine that claims to be made of extra virgin olive oil. It immediately makes you think you are getting something really healthy.

However, on closer inspection it seems there is only 18% of extra virgin olive oil out of the 48% of olive oil - not quite so healthy then.

This puts me off, as does the fact that I don’t believe the other 52% of contents make it a healthy option.

It would stop me buying it, but I think the vast majority of consumers would be wowed by the packaging because this is really impressive and they may believe they are getting a cool, healthy-option, low-fat spread.

I should also add, though, that from a taste point of view, the spread was not bad.

Score: 18/25
buyer’s verdict

iain troup, category manager, distributor/ mace retailer aberness

Using the Filippo Berio olive oil brand to develop a spread is a clever move especially as rival Olivio is also changing its name to Bertolli, another established olive oil brand.

The product’s packaging, which includes a silver trimmed wrap, shouts about its quality. It also boasts that it contains 50% more olive oil than other olive oil spreads.

The spread is very smooth and full flavoured. I could not fault the taste and would buy it for myself.

I am not sure if there is room in a typical convenience store for two such brands though. Olivio has dominated the market for some time now. This newcomer will undoubtedly steal some market share, but it will be hard to convert some consumers.

Score: 20/25