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rémyred - red berry infusion
From: Rémy Martin

The new liqueur offering from Rémy Martin, RémyRed, marries ripe fruit flavours with a touch of the famous Rémy Martin Cognac. The tipple is aimed at stylish and fashionable young women.
Price: £11.99 per 70cl bottle

Total score: 43/50
consumer’s verdict
Carol young, teacher,
35, Edinburgh
Wow, this drink has a delicious fruity taste and I found it really enjoyable to drink. I will definitely be buying a bottle to drink at home with friends and may even order it when I am out.
Although I don’t tend to drink alcohol during the week, I have to admit that it doesn’t take many glasses of wine for me to feel tipsy, and I would welcome any tasty alternative that can be served as a long drink and therefore slower to drink as well as being low in alcohol.
My favourite combination was mixed with cranberry juice and ginger and I will definitely be trying out more of the suggested recipes with my friends.
Depending on the recipe used, RémyRed would be suitable both in the summer and in the winter as either a refreshing or warming drink. Score: 23/25
buyer’s verdict
andrew hargreaves, trading controller - off licence, Landmark
This newcomer from Rémy Martin is a marrying of ripe fruit flavours with a touch of Rémy Martin Cognac.
The product performs either as a long drink over ice or as part of a cocktail mix - let your imagination run wild!
The distinctive colours of the liqueur make it shout from the shelf, but where it is displayed at retail will be essential to its customer uptake on perceived usage.
Aimed at fashionable ladies mixing their own drinks, and supported by a sampling campaign before Christmas, the tipple should achieve initial trial and ongoing repeat sale based on performance in the glass.
This is an appealing, competitive product for spirit-mixers and RTD drinkers
Score: 20/25n Product:
n Launch date:
October 2004