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Amazon claimed its second win in its last three guest appearance

Amazon has undercut supermarket rivals to offer the cheapest basket in our latest online 33 price comparison survey.

It marked a return to winning ways for the online giant, which was only third cheapest in its previous appearance in August. Before that, Amazon had the lowest-priced basket in July, but would have been undercut by Tesco’s Clubcard Prices.

This time, Amazon was £3.22 cheaper than runner-up Sainsbury’s at £73.03. It offered the lowest price for 18 products, five exclusively so, including the Heinz Beanz & Sausages and little gem lettuce.

Sainsbury’s was exclusively cheapest for four items, including the Lurpak and pizza.

Asda came in £4.35 more expensive than Amazon at £77.38 despite being exclusively cheapest for seven lines including the Oatly and Viennetta.

Tesco’s delivery cost £80.59, though Clubcard holders would have received an instant discount of £5.67, taking it from fourth to second, just £1.89 dearer than Amazon.

Morrisons and Ocado came in at £83.19 and £84.41 respectively.

The real outlier was Waitrose. The upmarket retailer, which announced a £100m investment in prices this week, was £19.24 pricier than Amazon at £92.27.

Year-on-year inflation was just 7.6%, with no change overall compared with last month. There was a big divergence in terms of how individual retailers were affected. Waitrose, Asda and Morrisons all saw double-digit increases year on year while Tesco’s prices were 7.8% up on February 2022 and Ocado was up 7.4%. In contrast, Sainsbury’s and Amazon’s prices were only 2.2% and 1.8% higher than a year ago.

The Elmlea cream was 41% more expensive year on year while the Batchelors soup was up 42% and Heinz Beanz & Sausages were 40% pricier.