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This week Asda offered the lowest price for 20 items

Asda continued its strong momentum over recent weeks to claim its fourth consecutive Grocer 33 pricing win, despite the presence of guest retailer Iceland.

At £61.19, the Walmart-owned retailer was 37p cheaper than Iceland, marking its second victory in a row over the frozen discounter. However, its 0.6% margin of victory was significantly reduced from May, when it was 3.3% cheaper.

This week Asda offered the lowest price for 20 items, with nine of these exclusively cheapest. The products that made the biggest difference were the Cathedral City cheddar, mince beef and raspberries.

Iceland was cheapest for 14 lines, with four of these exclusively so - the Walkers crisps, Warburtons crumpets and bread, and the watermelon.

Both Asda and Iceland were well clear of the pack. Third-placed Tesco came in at £64.34, £3.15 dearer than Asda.

This was despite Tesco having more deals than any of its rivals this week. Tesco had offers on 13 of the products on our list, while Asda had 10, Morrisons eight, Waitrose seven and Sainsbury’s only two.

This lack of deals at Sainsbury’s seems to have affected its competitiveness this week, as it came in over a fiver more expensive than Asda at £66.29. Had we picked up this shopping list at Sainsbury’s a month ago, it would have been 4.3% cheaper - while it would have been 1.3% cheaper a year ago.

Inflation also came into play for Morrisons, where the cost of our shopping list was up 7.3% month on month and 2.1% year on year. This left Morrisons £6.11 more expensive than Asda at £67.30.

Waitrose came in £10.72 more expensive than Asda at £71.91. The upmarket retailer matched the lowest price for just two lines and had no exclusively cheapest items.