Asda produce aisle fruit and veg

Asda claimed its second Grocer 33 pricing win in a row this week - and it was a convincing one.

The Walmart-owned retailer came in at £50.38, undercutting nearest rival Tesco by £4.03. Asda offered the lowest price for 21 items, with 15 of these exclusively cheapest.

Five of these lines were fruit & veg, including the apples, mushrooms and easy peelers, but the biggest difference compared with Tesco was on the Tresemmé shampoo. At £2.95 Asda was £2.55 cheaper than Tesco just for that product after the latter ended a promo.

Asda’s total was 1.1% more expensive than it would have been a month ago. However, it looks like the end of the January sales had an even greater impact on its rivals. Tesco was 4.5% more expensive this month, Sainsbury’s 6.3% up, Waitrose 6.4% and Morrisons 8.1% more expensive than a month ago - a reflection of the inflation creeping back into food prices since Christmas (p19).

Asda and Tesco both had seven offers this week, while Sainsbury’s only carried three deals. Morrisons and Waitrose had just two each.

Tesco offered the lowest price for 13 products, with six of these exclusively cheapest, including the Duvel Belgian beer, KP nuts and Lavazza coffee.

Sainsbury’s claimed third spot, but was over a fiver more expensive than Asda at £55.70. Sainsbury’s was exclusively cheapest for the Alpro coconut milk and Hipp babyfood.

Morrisons could only trump its competitors on the Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire puds as it came in £5.81 more expensive than Asda at £56.19.

Waitrose was a long way off the pace this week. At £64.10 it was £13.72 more expensive than Asda. Like Tesco it had a much higher price for the shampoo but charged a premium on apples, eggs, quiche and more.