Asda shopper cereal basket

Asda was exclusively cheapest for Cauldron tofu and six other lines

Asda appears to be waking up to the threat from rival loyalty-based pricing schemes, claiming a second successive Grocer 33 price win.

The TDR Capital and Mohsin Issa-owned supermarket was £2.24 cheaper than Sainsbury’s at £75.88 in a win driven by eight price-only discount deals. On a basket that was 1.5% cheaper year on year, Asda offered the lowest price for 20 items and was exclusively cheapest for seven, including the Cauldron tofu, Fever-Tree tonic water, organic garlic and Yorkshire Provender soup.

Sainsbury’s ranking was given a significant boost by Nectar Prices. Had we been judging on shelf-edge prices, Sainsbury’s would have languished in fourth place. Nectar members had £5.20 taken off their bill, a reduction of 6.7%.

At Tesco, Clubcard Prices had a less dramatic impact. It was giving its loyalty scheme members a 2.5% saving, which equated to £1.96. This reduced Tesco’s total from £80.95 to £78.53, which still left it £2.65 more expensive than Asda.

Morrisons was the retailer most impacted by rival pricing initiatives. Last week, CEO Rami Baitiéh told suppliers its plans for growth involved a greater focus on its More Card, but we are yet to see it have any impact on the Grocer 33.

As such, it slipped from second place to fourth once Nectar and Clubcard were factored in. At £80.88 it came in exactly a fiver more expensive than Asda.

Morrisons was cheapest for 12 items and exclusively so for the Berocca, Kelly’s Cornish ice cream and the Holy Moly guacamole.

Waitrose was exclusively cheapest for the Alpro custard and Betty Crocker cake mix. However, this did little for its competitiveness as it only matched the lowest price on a further two items. At £90.33 it was £14.45 more expensive than Asda.