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Morrisons provided the cheapest basket for the first time since mid-July

Lovers of Asian cuisine will need to check out Morrisons, as the Bradford-based retailer came in cheapest for our special Japan-themed shopping list.

At £71.14, Morrisons was cheapest for the first time in our weekly price comparison since mid-July. It was more than a fiver cheaper than closest rival Asda, and offered the lowest price for 19 items – eight exclusively so, including the Kikkoman teriyaki marinade, Pukka matcha green tea and rice vinegar.

A third of the items on our list were on deal at Morrisons, which helped make the retailer 0.6% cheaper than this time last year. This helped suppress overall inflation, with prices up just 6.9% versus October 2022 across all five supermarkets.

Prices were up 3.5% at Waitrose, while Tesco and Asda’s prices were up 9.4% and 10.3% respectively. Sainsbury’s saw the biggest inflationary impact, with prices up 12% year on year.

At £76.34, Asda was cheapest for 20 items and exclusively so for five, including the soy sauce and conference pears.

Sainsbury’s Nectar Prices would have made the retailer cheapest in three of the past four weeks, but they were not enough to close the gap this time out. Sainsbury’s shelf-edge prices were £7.07 more expensive than Morrisons at £78.21. Its Nectar members would have received a discount of £5.10.

Tesco’s loyalty promotions offered even bigger discounts, with Clubcard shoppers getting £6.49 wiped off their bill. However, at £80.55 based on shelf-edge prices, the deals would still leave Tesco £2.92 more expensive than Morrisons.

Waitrose, which launched its new Japan Menyu range last month, came in £11.14 more expensive than Morrisons at £82.28. It was exclusively cheapest for the Itsu miso and Wagamama meal kit.