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Asda has stamped its authority all over The Grocer 33 recently and this week’s victory made it seven wins in a row for the Walmart-owned supermarket.

Its £48.39 total was £2.03 cheaper than second-placed Tesco. Asda offered the lowest price for 18 items this week, with 11 of these exclusively cheapest. The products that really made the difference were the Peperami Minis and the Torres Viña Sol: Asda charged £1.50 for the Peperami (£1.25 cheaper than Tesco), while its £5 price for the wine undercut Tesco by £1 and the other supermarkets by at least £2.

Based on its own basket comparison, Asda did manage to beat rivals Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose by 10% but was not 10% cheaper than Tesco, though it only dished out a 55p voucher under its Asda Price Guarantee.

Tesco’s own price-matching scheme did narrow the gap this week, but it was still £1.34 after a 69p instant cashback via its f Brand Guarantee, taking Tesco’s total down to £49.73.

In third place, Morrisons was £4.76 more expensive than Asda - despite having the cheapest price for 10 lines, with the Hovis 400g granary loaf one of four items exclusively so. But the wine was quite expensive, as were the grapes.

Sainsbury’s was even further off the pace at £55.90, a £7.51 differential versus Asda, not helped by being the most expensive retailer for the Mr Muscle and Werther’s Original.

Waitrose was £8.42 more expensive than Asda at £56.81. If it’s any consolation it was only 89p more expensive than Sainsbury’s.

The price of a 400g loaf of Hovis granary is up 14.7% year on year. Asda has hiked the price by 28.2%. At Morrisons it’s risen by 17.4%, though it’s been consistently cheapest. Tesco has stuck with the same price across the year.