Winner: Sainsbury’s Beaconsfield

Manager: Mark Collins

Opened: 1994

Size: 44,000 sq ft

Market share: 14.9%

Nearest rivals: Waitrose - 0.3 miles

Iceland - 4.7 miles

Morrisons - 5 miles

Store data source: Analysis by CACI. Call the market planning group on 020 7602 6000

What’s happening in your store at the moment? We’re coming to the end of a complete refresh. Work started 12 weeks ago and will be finished next month. The front of the store is being extended and our Explore, Starbucks and Timpson’s concessions will move in there, which will free up space for us to sell men’s clothing for the first time and more general merchandise. We’re also getting a new bakery and bigger and better counters.

Why is the work being carried out? The store had not been refurbished for 10 years. But the real goal of the work is to make room for men’s clothing and more GM - customers are always asking for both. The extension allows us to shuffle things around and add more, without reducing space for food.

How are you minimising disruption while the work goes on? We try to make it as convenient as possible for customers, but make it exciting for them at the same time so they know what to expect when the work is finished.

How have customers reacted to Sainsbury’s decision to halve the number of Nectar points from next April? We’ve been talking to customers since the announcement, telling them all about the different offers Nectar will give next year, and that there will be opportunities to save in different ways.

The latest data from Kantar Worldpanel this week revealed a further sales decline for Sainsbury’s - are you seeing this decline and do you agree with Mike Coupe that trading conditions are the worst for 30 years? It is difficult at the moment, but we are concentrating on what we are doing to make sure we are the ‘Best in Town’ by delivering superb standards and service.

How do you encourage this? I am constantly talking to my team about being a ‘superb us’. Winning the Grocer 33 has really backed this up and there’s an immense feeling of pride that we’ve won.