Tesco is top for a second week running. What’s going on?
We’ve got a massive focus on training our managers and staff as to what our customers want. Service has massively improved over the past 18 months.

What does the training entail?
All managers and staff have now been trained under the Making Moments Matter scheme, the most important thing about which is making sure that good service comes from the heart. The training we have is very upbeat.

Have you taken on extra staff?
Yes, we’ve employed 68 new staff in the last three to six months. We’ve been able to ensure we have staff in very busy parts of the store such as fresh and BWS, and more staff on checkouts to reduce queues.

Asda has armed all its managers with iPads to give them more time on the shop floor. Are you doing anything on this front?
Under Making Moments Matter, Tesco has changed the way communications come in to the store so they don’t come in on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That frees up managers to spend more time on the shop floor when it counts most.

What have you got planned for the run up to Christmas?
We have a lot of events during November and December. We have tastings planned as well as a petting zoo in the car park. This is a new thing and it’s all about trying to drive loyalty, reward loyal customers and build a sense of community.

How has the downturn affected the area?
We’ve seen a lot more sales in our Everyday Value range right across the board.

Our shopper noted several checkouts had been removed to make way for Scan As You Go?
Yes, we brought this in about three weeks ago and it’s popular. Families like it as it gives their kids something to do.

What is the latest improvement to the store?
We have just had the meat counters refurbished with a new black backdrop and sloping shelves.

Emily Gravowska was talking to Ian Quinn