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Waitrose York was ‘beautifully presented’: light, modern and clean

Waitrose broke Sainsbury’s four-week winning streak in this week’s breakfast and brunch-themed basket, with a high score of 87.

The York store offered excellent service, as well as the best availability this week.

The large car park made a good first impression, as it was easy to find a space. Once inside, our shopper found the store was “beautifully presented”.  It was light, modern and clean, and easy to navigate.

There were enticing displays and a tasting table, however there were some obstructions: three trolleys were unattended in the aisles, one of which our shopper crashed into.

The young staff were all very polite, confident and friendly, and the checkout assistant offered to help with bags. Our shopper had to wait less than a minute to be served.

Availability scored highly, as just one item was not stocked.

Second-placed Sainsbury’s Clapham scored 76 points.

The car park was well managed and quiet. Inside, the store had clear signage and well-organised aisles.

Staff were helpful and able to provide information on availability. They were friendly and did their best to offer alternatives to missing products.

Another plus point was the checkout: there was only a short queue and a friendly assistant at the end of it.

Our shopper noted one counter available, offering appealing-looking sushi. On availability, two items were out of stock and three not stocked.

Next up was Tesco Linlithgow with 71 points.

There was a large car park with number plate recognition and no queue in or out.

Inside, the store was well managed with lots of staff available for assistance, either restocking or tidying shelves. This resulted in full marks for shop floor service.

That strong service continued at the checkout, where there was no queue and the checkout assistant was helpful.

The fruit & veg section was average and the store was well managed. There were few gaps on the shelves, but no items were out of stock – the availability score was lowered by six not-stocked items.

Fourth-placed Morrisons Coventry scored 67 points.

There was lot of litter in the car park and it took our shopper some time to find a clean trolley.

Inside, there was no click & collect or food to go available, and the food counters did not particularly stand out.

However, there were plenty of staff around, and they were helpful in telling our shopper where products were.

On the checkout, six of 10 serviced tills were open, so our shopper only had to wait two or three minutes to be served. The cashier was friendly and did not rush our shopper.

Availability was fairly good: there were no out of stocks and three items were not stocked.

Last place went to Asda Wallington in Croydon, whose poor store standards were only mitigated by helpful staff.

The entrance to the store was cluttered, and further inside there were lots of messy shelves. Empty boxes were left on some, while products were in the wrong locations on others.

There were also broken and dented products, such as squashed butter. Several lights were broken and flickering.

Finally, till service was slow. Our shopper had to wait six or seven minutes, due to only two checkouts being open.

Stock levels were low across fresh food, while four items were out of stock, leading to an availability score of zero.