Top tips on recently launched products likely to make money, selected by The Grocer Focus teams Italian style cheese from Twineham Grange Farms Rsp: £13.75/kg Why will it sell? Cheaper than parmesan, this hard premium cheese is made to an authentic Italian recipe. It's easy to shave, grate or nibble. Suitable for vegetarians, it is also a half fat cheese and high in protein. Linda McCartney Kitchen Garden from Heinz Rsp: £1.29-£1.69 Why will it sell? The late Linda McCartney still epitomises vegetarianism for many people. This range is the brand's first vegetable based one and includes five organics. It will be backed by a £1.5m TV campaign. Organic range from Cauldron Foods Rsp: £1.35-£1.99 Why will it sell? Unusual flavours and creative recipes combined with the organic tag have given this chilled manufacturer a boost. Cauldron Foods claims that the launch of its first organic products last year has powered the company's sales growth and, by the end of September 2000, sales had risen by 40%. Also within a year, two organic products have joined its best sellers' list ­ falafel and spiced, roasted parsnip and carrot pâté. New Covent Garden fresh soup Rsp: from £1.19 Why will it sell? Nothing is easier to prepare than soup, and 19 of this company's 21 strong winter range are suitable for vegetarians. Exotic flavours like parsnip and coconut blend with popular varieties such as carrot and coriander. Cavi*Art from Finlay's Foods Rsp: £4.99 for 100g jar Why will it sell? For a little self indulgence, this vegetarian answer to caviar is a lot less expensive than the real Beluga which can retail between £200 and £300 for the same amount. This is a seaweed based, ambient product with a three-year shelf life. Perfect Portions from Kitchen Range Foods Rsp: £1.49 for 500g Why will it sell? Aptly named, each bag contains six servings for a meal accompaniment or three main meal servings which can be poured straight into a dish for conventional or microwave cooking. This frozen line comes in three varieties: broccoli bake, cauliflower cheese and potato bake. Bisto Best from Centura Foods Rsp: 95p for 200g Why will it sell? Using roasted root vegetables, it has brought an instant vegetarian gravy under the Bisto brand to the table. These flavoured gravy granules have been endorsed by the Vegetarian Society. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}