A cross between a kumquat orange and a Mexican lime went on sale exclusively in Asd this week.

The limequat originates from China, where farmers crossed the two trees to grow it. It has a thin greenish-yellow skin that tastes sweet and can be eaten just like a kumquat.

The pulp of the fruit, which is now grown around the world, is bittersweet and contains small edible seeds.

Asda hopes limequats will appeal to shoppers interested in south American food, which it says will be the next culinary trend. The retailer has already ordered in extra stocks of jalapeno pepper and chilis, including the Dorset Naga, said to be the world's hottest chilli.

"Our customers have more adventurous tastes and are broadening their culinary horizons to experiment with new fruits and vegetables," said buyer Emma Kirk.

The fruit went on sale on Wednesday this week priced at £1.28 for a 115g pack.