Westmill Foods is throwing its 30-year-old Tolly Boy rice brand into the microwave arena which is currently dominated by Tilda and Uncle Ben's.
The company is launching four microwaveable varieties in a bid to ensure that its brand "reflects current consumer needs".
Ready to eat after 90 seconds in the microwave, two to three minutes in the wok or cold straight from the pack, 250g pouches of Egg Fried, Pilau, Long Grain and Golden Savoury Vegetable rices will carry an rsp of £1.15 each.
Marketing manager Debbie Thomas said the range was the company's answer to the growing demand for "fast, easy and tasty foods".
So far, only the Golden Savoury Vegetable has secured a listing in any of the multiples, in Asda.
Distribution in the independent trade is being handled by Petty, Wood.