How did UK supermarket table sauces sales perform in 2023?

Hot sauce collaborations with Kraft Heinz showing success in sauce category

Tingly Ted’s is on fire. The brand – a collaboration between Kraft Heinz and pop star Ed Sheeran – is just about the hottest thing in table sauces right now.

Since its launch in February, the hot sauce  ‘challenger’ has bagged retailer listings in six markets globally, as well as an exclusive deal with restaurant chain Frankie & Benny’s. And it’s made £416.8k in grocery since landing its first listing, with Asda, in March. Listings with other mults for its two SKUs followed  between May and July.

Tingly Ted’s (see our Top Launch below) is just one of a number of brands bringing heat to the table sauce market. Tabasco, Thai Dragon and Cholula are among those to have grown volumes over the past year, as Brits seek affordable alternatives to the spicy kick of takeaways and meals out. 

Branded mayonnaise sales a 2023 hero

Then there’s Nando’s. The chicken chain has seen its grocery offer’s volumes surge 13.6% in a sector down 2.8%. It’s the only top 10 brand in volume growth.

But it’s not just the brand’s peri-peri sauces turning shoppers’ heads. “Mayonnaise has helped to drive Nando’s forwards,” says Stephen Bough, NIQ insight manager for grocery, referring to Nando’s Perinaise range.

In fact, he adds, mayo “continues to be the growth engine for table sauces across the big brands”. That’s certainly the case for Heinz Seriously Good Mayonnaise, which has enjoyed greater volumes for its regular and Light variants. They’ve made £11m extra. 

Heinz portfolio’s sales values and volumes mixed

“Expect mayonnaise to continue its march forwards, with interesting cross-flavours and taking space from more traditional sauces,” Bough adds, alluding to the likes of Heinz’s HP and Salad Cream.

The brand’s Tomato Ketchup, however, is in a stronger position – despite a 11.2% volume decline. A 26.5% rise in average price helped it add £14.1m and maintain its top spot.

It’s been innovating, too. In November, Heinz unveiled Tomato Ketchup Pickle – which tastes “just like a burger in a bottle”, according to Thiago Rapp, Heinz head of comms & brand build.

It’s aimed at Gen Z’s love of pickles – which, on TikTok and the like, is a hot trend.

Top Launch 2023

Tingly Ted’s | Kraft Heinz


This collaboration between Kraft Heinz and Ed Sheeran was four years in the making. The pair first teamed up in 2019 for a campaign based on the singer’s love of Heinz Tomato Ketchup. The next partnership saw Tingly Ted’s debut in February in Tingly and Xtra Tingly (£3 per 265g) – made with red jalapeño and capsicum chillies. Sheeran says he wants a hot sauce that “goes with everything” and could “take the same pride of place” as his beloved ketchup. Feel the burn!

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