Expert’s verdict…9/10

Ginger Tom is a blend of Frederic Robinson’s award winning Old Tom strong ale with Fentiman’s Ginger beer. The quality of both is undoubted but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will blend well together. Luckily, the ginger that could have overpowered the other flavours is mainly evident on the finish. The ale is dark chocolate in colour with a palate that offers dark fruit sweetness, a touch of molasses and biscuit yeast notes. There is a bitter finish where the ginger drives through to add some real character. While this ale will not appeal to everyone, it is individual and well crafted.
Henry Moran, trading manager, Musgrave Retail Partners
Consumer’s verdict…5/10

On first appearances I don’t think this beer would particularly stand out on shelf, as I think it looks much like many other products of its type. Having said that I might pick it up to have a closer look at it if I spotted that it had ginger in it, as I happen to like ginger-flavoured beer, though in my experience I am in a distinct minority. I did really enjoy the flavour, which was not cloying at all and had enough ginger in it. It was a very pleasant drink for a summer evening and strangely helpful with hayfever! I’d definitely contemplate buying it again.
Christian DeFeo, New Media Manager, Crawley

A year down the line…
Mateus Rosé Shiraz
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Mateus Rosé last year launched its Shiraz label to cement its position as a leading rosé brand, in a market where pink wine continues to boom.

The company invested £1.5m in TV advertising throughout last summer and held tasting events across the UK in partnership with the Channel 4 Taste Festivals. This year it is running a marketing and sampling campaign called the Colour of Summer.