Funny thing, e-mail. You are sitting at your desk minding your own business when a message from the Food Standards Agency pops up (which you ignore, of course). The next, you get another message entitled Error, error, error'. Intrigued, you read the latter first, to be told: "The press notice you have just received was sent in error. This has been revised and was issued several weeks ago. Please do not use as it was written at an early stage and, as a draft, contains errors or factual inaccuracies. Grateful for your co-operation and apologies for any inconvenience caused." No inconvenience at all. Just fascinated to know what was in the first e-mail. Sadly, it is nothing juicy, just an e-mail outlining how the FSA is to tackle the rising number of food poisoning cases with the increased funding announced in the government's spending review. Yawn. Mind you, it got me reading the damn thing. Which makes me wonder whether this is a clever ploy by the FSA. Out in the wider world, it seems The Grocer has won a new audience in and around the first Asda Wal-Mart Supercenter in Patchway Bristol. While I was slaving away at my desk, one of colleagues popped into the new Asda while holidaying in the region to buy a copy of The Grocer. He was amazed to see the store had completely sold out of issues ­ unlike all the other business magazines in the same rack. It was not until much later that he realised why ­ the issue (July 29) contained our feature on the store. Hope you all enjoyed reading the mag. Just goes to show other mags are not, ahem, a patch on The Grocer. {{COUNTERPOINT }}