Once upon a time, long, long ago, England had a decent cricket team and it was worth spending a couple of days at Lord's for the extra special battle with the Aussies. Nowadays? Ah well... Still, that didn't stop many of grocery's greats dumping grey suits and knocking mothballs out of their blazer pockets before flocking to last weekend's game. In hospitality lounges self tanned bimbos in garish trouser suits strutted around mouthing such gems as: "When will the umpire be declaring?", and at the boxes in the Mound Stand food and drink firms entertained customers in regal style. But my two days among the flannelled fools certainly showed up some odd sights. Like the regional multiple marketing director who spent most of the first day on his mobile and was heard to mutter dark threats about "sacking the bloody research team before I come in the office on Monday". Or the canned goods importer who, throughout the day, ran between two seats in different parts of the ground while entertaining two customers who are deadly rivals. In fact, by the tea interval on Saturday so strenuous were his sprints around Lord's, that his face was as red as some of the famous products he ships in from Italy. But was he as embarrassed as a certain cricket-loving very senior colleague of mine who told a Sainsbury crisps buyer that he was in the wrong hospitality box, only to find that the JS man was in the right box and that our man was enjoying free Chardonnay in the wrong location. {{COUNTERPOINT }}