I am constantly amazed at the way in which the boffins at food and drink companies come up with whizzy new gizmos that even we didn't know were necessary to make our lives easier. This year's Wimbledon tennis championships is not an obvious place to find such invention. However, those seeking urgent refreshment were no doubt pleased to see the bars had installed Pimm's on draught. That's right: the barmen simply pulled a tap and out came the perfect Pimm's with no faff. I spotted many punters ­ clearly delighted at this neat idea ­ wandering about the place clutching plastic pint pots of summer's best loved alcoholic concoction. Sad to say, I was not among them. I found the prices in the bars at Wimbledon enough to drive me to drink of a non alcoholic nature. If Pimm's gets the Bogof thumbs up, I must also report that our industry does not always get it right. Even the slickest of marketing machines can sometimes be left looking silly. And my prize for marketing cockup of the week goes to Tesco. After pulling into one of its Express forecourt stores I noticed the back of the till receipt was plugging a free prize draw. Ten Rover cars were on offer (yippee, I hear you say). All I had to do was fill in a questionnaire on the receipt and post it off. I was mildly amused, therefore, to see that the draw took place on the 30th of March this year. I presume that because the cars on offer were Rovers nobody had bothered to enter. So I have sent off my form just in case. Hey ­ I'm not proud. {{COUNTERPOINT }}