How did you get to where you are today?

Focus, energy and enthusiasm.

What was the best decision you have made in your career and why?

My best decision was when I took a sideways move from Nestlé to RHM. Because I went from a large company to a smaller one, I found myself in a much more entrepreneurial environment and I was able to make many more decisions.

Who do you most admire in grocery?

People with entrepreneurial flair. Anybody that can tap into a new channel and make it their own is amazing.

Do you have a mentor and how have they helped you in your career?

I have had a number of different mentors. They have been very helpful, especially for bouncing off ideas. They provide really true independent, unbiased opinion. As they're not directly involved in a situation, they really can provide quality thinking.

What is the most important piece of information you have ever been told?

A saying by Aristotle, which I have pinned on my PC. It says: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, it's a habit."

If you could change one thing in the grocery industry what would it be?

I would really like to see more interest and excitement in the spirits fixture. There are lots of fantastic and innovative merchandising ideas within travel retail that could be used within the retail environment to improve the shopping experience.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Seeing the team achieve their objectives.

What is the one thing that you could not do your job without?

Quite simply, my assistant, Louise Bruce.

If you could start your career again, what would you do differently and why?

I wouldn't have gone in for this at all. I would have been an actress. I started off wanting to be a stage manager and then wanted to be an actress but realised that acting wasn't really going to be a proper job.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the industry today?

Keep learning. It's a continuous process and you should always push yourself out of your comfort zone.

What do you like doing when you are not working?

What do you mean by 'not working'? In those rare moments, reading and chilling out with friends.

Where do you hope to be in five years' time?

Making my way around the world and through the book of small luxury hotels of the world.