They looked quite cool when I saw the packets ­ but isn't pink for girls? The Flaming Racers looked like they were Barbie ones. They were easy to open, but the rip went right down so they all fell out and I lost some on the floor. Mum doesn't like me picking them up again and eating them. I couldn't save any for later. The size is about right, as I can't eat loads in one go. They'd be all right after school and my grandad would buy them for me as they don't look like they would cost lots. I usually get Cola bottles or a bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk. I don't eat lots of sweets and Mum gets fed up because I don't finish them and leave them all round the kitchen or she finds them stuck in the back of the car. The sweets are shaped like cars but you can't play with them because they are so small and they start to get sticky which Mum doesn't like on her furniture. The best ones were the Grand Prix Pile-Ups. I liked the taste as they were nice and fruity and like the jelly sweets Mum buys me from Marks and Spencer. I thought the Chewy Dodgems were yuk ­ like the fried eggs you get in Haribo mixes; I always pick them out. The Flaming Racers were okay, but a bit hard. I left some for the next day and then they were really hard and horrible. Mum said she didn't mind me eating any of the Roadrunners as they didn't have colourings in. She won't let me have some foods after my dinner as she says it keeps me from going to sleep when I'm supposed to and she won't let me have sweets for breakfast either, not even if I'm really really starving. I haven't got a computer so I wouldn't use the web site but I might when I see my cousin Jack. He's 11 and really likes cars and playing on the computer. But he eats loads, so I think he would have to eat, say, three packets. {{P&P }}