French pallet hire firm LPR has signed up customers representing over one million pallet movements in the UK just six months after launching on to the market.
LPR teamed up with logistics firm Taylor Barnard in the spring in a bid to take 20-25% of the pallet hire market in five years by offering a service it claimed was 10% cheaper than current market rates.
Group deputy general manager Olivier Pages said the company had already struck deals with suppliers of chilled, frozen and ambient groceries, ingredients and packaging and was on track to meet its ambitious targets. All major grocery retailers now accept its red pallets. LPR's progress in the UK, where rival Chep has held a virtual monopoly for almost 20 years, had beat all expectations, he added.
"Our progress in the UK has been better than in any other country. Customers like our service because we let them concentrate on their core business by taking responsibility for pallet delivery, collection and repair."

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