Analysis of weekend activity shows the retailers putting summer indulgence to the fore in promotional activity

Multiples focus efforts on seasonal favourites

With summer and the credit crunch upon us at the same time, retailers have stepped up their promotional efforts on seasonal goods this week.

Analysis of the top five most promoted categories in each of the top five multiples last weekend shows Asda and Tesco pushing ice cream most heavily. However, ice cream accounted for just 16% of overall activity across the retailers. The most heavily promoted category was wine, accounting for 25% of activity, with beer and lager in second place with 18%. Carbonated drinks accounted for 16% while bathroom toiletries and ambient confectionery took 13%. 

Asda’s focus on ice cream far exceeded anyone else’s with 37% of its total top five activity devoted tothe category. Beer & lager came second with 19%, cleaning products third with 16%, wine fourth with 15% and ambient confectionery fifth with 13%. The preferred mechanics were x-for-y on 61% of offers, save on 36%, special purchase on 21% and half-price on 1%.
Morrisons and Sainsbury’s both targeted wine buyers. Morrisons allocated 31% of its space to the category, 23% to biscuits, 20% to canned goods, 14% to fizzy drinks and 11% to toiletries. It used bogof on 28% of offers, save and x-for-y on 27% each, half-price on 13% and extra-free on 5%

At Sainsbury’s wine accounted for 29% of promotions, nine points ahead of spirits with 20%. Toiletries came third with 18%, with ambient confectionery at 17% and cakes & pastries at 16%. It used bogof on 37% of offers, save on 29%, x-for-y on 26% and half-price on 6%. 

Somerfield prioritised beer & lager, which took 32% of space, while fizzy drinks took 25%, wine 16%, spirits 15% and pickles/sauces & ketchup 13%. It used x-for-y on 34% of offers, save and half-price on 25% each, bogof on 14% and extra-free on 3%

Ice cream took 23% of space at Tesco. Ambient confectionery accounted for 18%, laundry lines 16%, wine 15% and toiletries and beer & lager 14% each. Half-price was used on 29% of offers, bogof on 28%, x-for-y on 22%, save on 17% and extra-free 3%.