Transsexuals have rallied against two grocery adverts they claim portray their minority negatively.
As a result of the pressure, TV watchdog Ofcom this week decided to ban one of the ads - for Irn-Bru - but dismissed claims that a treatment for Wall’s Cornetto suggested that being a transsexual was something to be ashamed of.
The Irn-Bru ad, first shown in 2000 and recently rescreened in Scotland and parts of England, showed a family singing about how much they loved the soft drink with the mother ending the song by singing “…even though I used to be a man” several times. Ofcom agreed with 17 viewers that the end scene, which showed the woman shaving, mocked transsexual women.
However, the watchdog dismissed complaints that the Cornetto ad, which showed a bikini-clad woman bribing her partner to hand over his ice cream in return for keeping quiet about her past, was actually “an example of everyday negotiation between couples”.