The thought of being monitored Big Brother-style 24/7 is bound to make some suppliers groan. But Arrowsight chief executive Adam Aronson claims Remote Video Auditing offers major benefits to meat processors.
“We break our business into two distinct parts - one is food safety auditing and the other is what we call business processes, where we look to improve efficiency. Envisage a
camera looking at a bacon line. There’s a whole host of safety audits that can be conducted using that camera; but there’s also a host of business process audits that can be done.
“The early indications from processor Plumrose USA - our first customer in the meat industry - is that they are seeing a 4 to 1 return on their investment.”
Processors can lease the system for around £220 per camera per month. A typical installation might be some 30-40 cameras. Installing cameras in factories is nothing new, but, said Aronson, offering a service to monitor the images recorded by those cameras is.
“When we originally moved beyond childcare, I mistakenly thought commercial users would be happy just being able to look remotely at their locations with cool software.
“But what I found was that people were just too busy to do that, and the extra burden of doing it would have been too painful. To drive the benefit, they needed to be able to outsource this function to a third party. We set up a services model and said: ‘You tell me what you want me to look at and when, and I’ll do all that work for you’.”