TARGET CONSUMER Kay Goodwin, 18, is a student studying public services at Chichester The bottle is a different, vibrant colour which stands out. My eyes were attracted to the red on the green background. If I saw it on the shelf, I would probably buy it because it is something different. I like whisky, so this would be interesting to try and it is different from other premixes because it is not vodka or white rum based. I like the taste. It reminds me of cream soda or bubblegum and it smells like ice cream. It is quite sweet, but is also refreshing. I have not had anything like this before, but I would certainly drink it again. I would drink it both at home and out clubbing. It would probably make a good summer drink. The word grouse' does not make me think of whisky and I would not have made the connection with Famous Grouse. Rating out of 25 ­ 20 {{DRINKS }}