The category is made up primarily of two sectors; alco-carbonates and spirit mixers. The former has seen value share decline from 24.8% in 52 w/e May 28 2000 to 13.5% for the latest year. This is partly due to under-performing within total PPSs (it is still growing at 26.9% year-on-year) but has more to do with the rise to dominance of spirit mixers which have grown at 83.4% year-on-year and account for 84.5% of the category. Growth of the alco-carbonates sector is generated solely by Reef, which in the last 52 weeks has overtaken Hooch to the top spot. The spirit mixers sector has benefited from innovation, using strong parent brands as a base for successful product launches. Archers Aqua, launched in May 2001, is the third bestseller behind Smirnoff Ice and Bacardi Breezer. Looking at individual flavours across these ranges, Smirnoff Ice (a single product range) is number one in value terms with the next four places occupied by Bacardi Breezer variants. From a retailer perspective, Tesco holds the largest share of PPS sales, with Asda second and Sainsbury third. TNS Liquorpanel data is created from a base of 15,000 households which scan their purchases at home. This is converted to repreent the 24.4 million GB households. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}