Muslim brand Ummah hopes to succeed where the likes of Qibla Cola did not with a gradual rollout of new products and a positive marketing campaign aimed at achieving supermarket and international listings.
Founder Khalid Sharif said advertising would focus on the community projects the company helped fund rather than presenting Ummah as a “boycott brand”.
Ummah donates 10% of its profits to Muslim and non-Muslim charities.
The business is launching an orange chocolate bar, to add to its current caramel variant, in Islamic book shops, newsagents and independents.
Sharif said he hoped to eventually extend distribution to the multiples and overseas, targeting Muslims whom he said were a growing consumer base.
“There is real concern about the lack of support by the big corporations for local communities. CSR is something that is often tagged on to the business,” said Sharif.
“I did not feel comfortable being a boycott brand and having negative publicity, because we help Muslim and non-Muslim causes. We want to have a slow roll out into other products - we’ve looked at dry food and soup. But we are in this for the long term.”
Ummah Orange (rsp: 40p) uses halal ingredients and has packaging reflecting a theme of ‘The Ummah is changing’, which will form the basis for a marketing campaign during the period of Ramadan.