?High-octane drinks brand Extreme Drinks was given a makeover in August last year. It also added a range of vitamin-enriched water drinks to its portfolio. Aqua Vitamins is a blend of natural mineral water, health-boosting vitamins and fruit juices that allows consumers to quench their thirst with a clear conscience, according to the company. Each drink provides 33% of the RDA of B-complex vitamins that maintain healthy skin and hair. The drinks are available in three varieties: Lemon Lime, Orange Passion and Raspberry, all in 500ml plastic bottles.

Last October, a Slovenian mineral water, was brought out in the UK. The producers hoped it would stand out because of the significant range of health benefits the drink offered, including magnesium. Donat Mg comes from a spring in Slovenia that has been used by locals for more than 100 years. The company said that, unlike magnesium supplements, Donat can be absorbed straight into the bloodstream.

?Vitamin-enriched flavourings aimed at adding interest to plain water hit shelves earlier this year. Each two-calorie O2Go pouch is enough to flavour 500ml of water. The product, which contains a blend of B vitamins and an antioxidant, comes in flavours of Strawberry Splash, Lemon Citrus and Peach Dream, as well as a mixed pack. Manufacturer Santeau said O2Go would make drinking the recommended two litres of water a day easier and said that merchandising it next to the bottled-water fixture would enable retailers to reclaim some of the revenue lost as a result of people refilling water bottles.

Quench20, a water which originates from a natural spring in Dubai, arrived in the UK last October. It uses environmentally friendly labels.