Roberts Bakery royal loaf

Roberts Bakery has produced the UK’s most expensive loaf

It’s a loaf fit for a royal table – and costs a king’s ransom to produce.

Cheshire-based Roberts Bakery has created what it claims is the UK’s most expensive loaf of bread – a brioche that costs £30 to make, equivalent to over £1.60 a slice.

Ingredients include butter from Castle Welsh dairy and Welsh water from Brecon Carreg, in a nod to Prince William’s heritage, plus dried apricots, glace cherries and pineapple. The crown-shaped crust is covered with real gold leaf.

The bakery – which sells through retailers including Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s – will not be making the limited-edition bread available to retailers. Instead, just 50 of the luxury loaves will be given away to consumers who register for them at the Roberts Bakery website. The 50 winners will be drawn at random once the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s new arrival comes into the world.

“This is our way of toasting the new arrival that the whole country has been waiting for,” said Roberts Bakery MD Mike Braddock. “We hope everyone who gets to try it agrees.”

Roberts recently extended its portfolio with a new speciality range of premium bread including white sourdough, tiger bloomer, ciabatta and malted cob.

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