>>Pouches have been fantastically successful… Interest in brown rice for health… microwaveable rice sales up by more than 30%…

Trading Manager MBL
Rice is continuing to grow, driven by microwaveable and speciality rices like black rice, wild rice and Camargue.
Manufacturers continue to exploit the success of the microwave products by introducing more flavours - Patak’s, for example, is introducing rice with saffron and a vegetarian biryani rice.
They’ve also been innovative in packaging and pouches have been fantastically successful.
Risotto rice is growing, encouraged, no doubt, by celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver.
Grocery Buyer for Waitrose
The rice market as a whole is moving ahead positively in Waitrose. The real winner in recent years has been the growth of microwaveable rice. Consumers are buying into the convenience of these products.
We have also seen increased sales of sectors like basmati, Thai and Italian rices, as well as an increased interest in products such as brown rice for health benefits.
In terms of making the category more exciting, the microwave growth is making consumers see the category in a more accessible way.
Somerfield Category Buyer
The rice category at Somerfield is experiencing significant growth, driven by microwaveable rice, which has increased in sales by more than 30%.
Key activity to drive sales within the fixture has included two for £2 offers, as well as buy-one-get-one-free and half-price offers on long grain, boil-in-the-bag and basmati rice.
Microwaveable rice now represents the largest sub-category and there are still opportunities to increase space, which will continue to drive growth at Somerfield.
Alan Clark
John Stokes
Ben Delaloye