>>great promotional deals on meats and fish... building up fixture at weekends is beneficial

owner, Budgens, Newent
It is crucial to have a barbecue fixture. We devote as much space as possible, including a dedicated seasonal aisle, and do as much as we can to alert and remind customers of the opportunity. We have external displays outside the store entry, with about eight bulk lines of briquettes and charcoal.
Throughout the barbecue season there will be great promotional deals on barbecue meats and fish, including on-going multibuys, such as two-for-£5 on favourite lines. Promotional activity will also encompass non food and ambient products.
Premium products sell well during the season, although the uplift on burgers and sausages is also massive. Consumers want range and choice, and are certainly prepared to trade up for the barbecue occasion.

Nisa retailer of Freshways, Canvey Island
The barbecue market is particularly lucrative at weekends. I always double my barbecue fixture at weekends if the forecast is good. I can get hold of extra stocks of meat within 24 hours. Building up the fixture at weekends is extra work but it's hugely beneficial. I can take between £500 and £1,000 more in meat sales at the weekend if the weather is good.
It's important to have a full range in-store - not only food and drink but non food as well, such as disposal barbecues, charcoal and lighter fluid. If you're going to do it, do it well or not at all. The barbecue market isn't price-sensitive so it's an ideal way to achieve incremental sales. People will always have barbecues, even if the weather isn't that good, so it's worth making the effort.

Mark Richardson
David Nice