waitrose good to go veggie reuben sandwich

Waitrose has launched 23 new lines as part of a wider revamp of Good to Go aimed at meeting the growing demand for healthy food on the go.

The updated range went into stores this week and features new packaging while a further 18 of the existing lines have been reformulated with improved recipes.

Good to Go now includes flatbreads and sandwich thins under 300 calories as well as more vegetarian lines and a vegan option.

It is also using more grains and seeds in its wraps and open sandwiches, and its new Veggie Reuben counts as one of consumers’ 5 a day.

Waitrose said its development team studied emerging food trends, and alongside American and Mexican there are nods to Greek and Caribbean cuisines with ingredients such as broad beans, dill, capers, olives, jerk chicken, lime, pineapple, mango and Scotch bonnets.

Its Waitrose Veggie Reuben is a veggie twist on the classic Reuben. It is a rye bread sandwich with the corned beef filling replaced with roasted chestnut mushrooms along with pickled red cabbage, carrots, gherkins, Russian dressing, American mustard mayo and rocket leaves.

“We’ve reached the point now where almost half our range is suitable for vegetarians,” said Simona Cohen-Vida from Waitrose’s brand development and innovation team. “Eating well is a huge trend for our customers. It’s not about calorie control any more - it’s about fresh, nutritious, beautiful food with lots of colours. We’ve used black rice and black quinoa to create a really striking colour base. Add king prawns to black quinoa and you get a really nice colour contrast.”