Sushi Daily kiosk

Up to 20 products from Waitrose Sushi Daily counters in six Waitrose stores can now be ordered via the Deliveroo app

Sushi made fresh in Waitrose stores will now be stocked on Deliveroo, under a new trial between the grocer and the delivery platform.

Up to 20 products from Sushi Daily counters in six Waitrose stores can now be ordered via the Deliveroo app, for delivery within 20 minutes.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer our customers Sushi Daily products as a trial through our relationship with Deliveroo,” said Waitrose head of online trading Tom Davies. “We know our customers will love the option of having freshly prepared sushi delivered straight to their door along with the rest of their shopping from us.”

The stores included on the trial are branches in Brighton, Barnet, Canary Wharf, Clerkenwell, Mill Hill and Stratford City.

Waitrose first introduced Sushi Daily counters into stores in 2015. Generally located near the retailer’s other fresh food counters, chefs make cold and to-be-heated sushi rolls and gyoza for sale that day. There are currently 80 Sushi Daily counters in stores nationwide. 

It’s not the first time Waitrose has offered Sushi Daily products for delivery: in 2019, the range was added to the grocer’s now-canned in-house delivery service ‘Rapid’.

Rapid, which offered delivery of baskets up to 25 items within two hours, was ended in May 2021,following the expansion of Waitrose’s current partnership with Deliveroo, which now delivers from 220 Waitrose stores around the UK.

In addition to the existing on-demand service, the pair partnered to launch a new rapid delivery service via Deliveroo’s Hop in February 2022. Hop stocks over 1,000 Waitrose products for delivery within 10 minutes from some London stores.

Deliveroo also has partnerships with Co-op, Asda and Sainsbury’s, alongside other high street retailers.