Milk prices could rise by as much as 15% this autumn, according to Mark Allen, chief executive of Dairy Crest. In an interview with the FT Allen said that the severe wet weather and spiralling costs of cereal-based animal feeds, which hit 11-year high last week, had forced recent price rises. He expected there would be a further rise in milk prices in 2008.

Meat products from two Morrisons stores have been linked with an outbreak of E.coli food poisoning, which has killed one woman and left her husband seriously ill. According to the Mail, initial investigations suggest the outbreak centred on meat bought at stores in Paisley, near Glasgow. Health officials said they feared more cases as the bug has up to a 14-day incubation period.

The Sunday Times took a different slant on the foot and mouth outbreak currently making the news with claims of lax security at the Pirbright research complex in Surrey, where the outbreak is believed to have originated. The paper ran claims from a contract worker at the complex that basic health and safety procedures were flouted and that he was allowed to roam the laboratories unchecked.

The Guardian spoke to one of the Bulgarian workers at the gangmaster business in Cornwall that had its licence revoked after worker conditions were revealed. He said that he received only £102.52 for a month's work after money had been taken out for water, electricity, transport and rent. Others were given so little work but charged so much for deductions that they got into debt.

A nut oil is to become the next unlikely superfood after claims that it can help beat wrinkles, eczema and psoriasis. Kukui oil, which is popular in Hawaii, contains fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E. Its effects were being tested by researchers at King's College London to see if it can reverse skin damage, said The Sun.