Sir; Your correspondent "Food Lover" (The Grocer, October 28), had a completely opposite experience to me at SIAL. His steak may have been like shoe leather, but I have to say that mine, also bought at the restaurant in Hall 6 was delightful. In fact, it was by far the best sirloin I've tasted in years, so much so that I went back for a second on the following day! But is it my imagination, or do some people make Frog bashing a hobby? Sure the French are wrong to defy EU law and continue to ban our beef, but I get the impression that some folk (even the editor of the Grocer) enjoy attacking the French just for the hell of it. I enjoyed my trip around SIAL. I found the organisers and the exhibitors most courteous and, like your editor, was most impressed with the British exhibit. Here's to the next time. Fine foods importer Home Counties Editor's note: I don't attack "the French" just the French government for its arrogant contempt for EU law. And, for the record, I too had two steaks in that restaurant. They were delicious! {{LETTERS }}