Source: Booker

The campaign will last until 30 January

Booker has launched a £5m value campaign to boost trade for retailers during January.

It features 12 buy one get one free deals, including on Tetley teabags and Jack’s kitchen towel, as well as half-price promotions on lines such as nine-roll Velvet toilet tissue and Jack’s baby potatoes 750g.

The campaign also involves frozen meals deals such as Birds Eye crispy chicken for £2.89 and Jack’s chips worth £1.69 for free, as well as improved pricing on everyday essentials including bread, milk and eggs, Booker added. 

Available to Booker’s symbol retailers operating with Londis, Premier, Budgens and Family Shopper, the campaign will last until 30 January. 

The wholesale giant said it was committed to offering retailers and shoppers value during this time, with January traditionally being the quietest month for convenience stores.

“It is essential that retailers can rely on Booker to deliver the best choice, price, and service for them, while still delivering high margins,” said Booker Retail MD Colm Johnson.

“This strong value offering for Premier through a usually quiet month shows we will continue to be committed and offer excellent value for not only the shoppers but also our retailers.”