Hancocks Sheffield

Brands will have dedicated areas with promo screens to showcase offers

Hancocks’ Sheffield depot is welcoming customers back after undergoing a significant refurbishment.

The confectionery wholesaler carried out a six-figure revamp to its northern centre to freshen up the depot’s look and improve the shopping experience.

The refurbishment is part of an improvement programme that has been rolling out across all 14 Hancocks sites nationwide since earlier this year.

New features include improved external signage, clearer directional signs in store, branded aisles and specialist areas.

Brands are now able to have a dedicated area with new promo screens and baseboards showcasing their offer.

The depot has also implemented a welcome board with a QR code showcasing offers, as well as a unique label on boxed products, giving buyers a preview of what is inside the box.

“We are thrilled to unveil our newly refurbished Sheffield depot to our valued customers,” said Hancocks chief operating officer Jonathan Summerley.

“Our Sheffield trade customers can expect a more efficient, welcoming environment and easy navigation from the moment they enter until they reach the checkout.”

“This upgrade represents our commitment to providing an enhanced shopping experience and improving the customer journey for our new and existing shoppers.”