Golden Wonder is to kick off the new football season with a 30-million pack promotion for Wotsits. Footie Flicka' will allow children to collect colourful star-shaped football cards which can be flicked through the air. Free in packs of regular Wotsits and Wotsits Wafflers from the end of this month, each card features a picture of a famous footballer, together with skill ratings and player details on the reverse. Golden Wonder is hoping the promotion could attract a cult following in playgrounds throughout Britain. There are 20 cards to collect which can then be swapped or kept in a specially-designed album. The promotion will be backed by a four-week TV campaign plus ads in children's football mag Match. Kirsty Brett, Golden Wonder's category marketing controller, said: "The promotion links children's love of football with their urge to collect and swap things, both at school and at home." {{MARKETING - P&P }}