Yeo Valley is relaunching its entire organic portfolio in January by introducing range extensions and improved recipes and entering pot desserts with a £3m push - its biggest spend to date.

Changes include updated packaging to give the organic brand stronger shelf standout and labelling highlighting the product's fat-free and probiotic credentials. Recipes have been reformulated to contain 60% more fruit.

The aim of the relaunch was to remind consumers of the brand's "real" credentials, said marketing director Ben Cull. "Some think of Yeo Valley as a made-up brand like the kids' toy brand Chad Valley. With the relaunch we want to emphasise that Yeo Valley products come from a real dairy farm in the valley."

The campaign, which will include press and poster advertising as well as sampling, kicks off in February and uses the new strapline 'A breath of fresh air from the country'.

The move into chilled dairy desserts marks the company's second attempt to make a mark in the sector. It launched its first chilled dairy desserts, pannacotta and pot au chocolat, five years ago, but withdrew the range as it "lacked the capacity to sustain it", said Cull.

The new desserts range consists of two fruit-layered four-packs with fruit compôte in the bottom, topped by organic yoghurt.

Other new products include a mixed box of Yeo's - the tubed kids' yoghurt launched at the beginning of this year. A raspberry and apricot flavour will join the original strawberry variant.

It is also launching a milk chocolate mousse, which it claimed was the first organic variant to hit the UK market.

The company said sales were currently growing at 20% year-on-year, giving it a 7.2% share of the £1.7bn total yoghurt and fromage frais market and 60% of the organic yoghurt sector.