sainsburys free range egg notice

Free-range egg producers face big losses from bird flu crisis Subscription

23 Feb 2017 | By Kevin White

Egg producers were subjected to a national protection zone limiting bird movement, poultry shows and gatherings on 6 December

chicken one use

Banham Poultry farm in Suffolk hit by bird flu control zone Subscription

16 Feb 2017 | By Kevin White

Some 23,000 birds at the farm were due to be culled this week, Defra said

raw milk one use

Scots cheesemakers drop raw milk cheese as Errington saga continues Subscription

09 Feb 2017 | By Beth Gault

Suppliers were “too scared” to continue producing raw milk cheese, said one producer

free range chickens one use

NFU urges retailers to help with free-range eggs problem Subscription

09 Feb 2017 | By Beth Gault

Meurig Raymond this week wrote to CEOs of top UK food retailers to ask for support

Scottish flag

FSS begins consultation into 'light touch' safety regulation Subscription

09 Feb 2017 | By Ian Quinn

Industry sources are angry at suggestions from the FSS that companies should finance the new system

US beef cattle_one use

Video: What will a US trade deal mean for food safety? Video

08 Feb 2017 | By Chris Elliott

In this video, Professor Chris Elliott reflects on the food safety implications of a potential UK-US trade deal

holland and barrett

Holland & Barrett fined £500k for Knightsbridge infestation Subscription

08 Feb 2017 | By Emma Weinbren

Holland & Barrett pleaded guilty to three offences including failure to protect food from contamination

Animal medicines, pig in mud

Red Tractor tightens antibiotic controls in pig supply chain Subscription

07 Feb 2017 | By Beth Gault

Scheme will require members to record antibiotic use electronically every three months

free range chickens

Fresh bird flu outbreak adds to free-range supply fears Subscription

02 Feb 2017 | By Carina Perkins

Another outbreak of bird flu has been confirmed in the UK, adding to mounting fears free-range eggs could soon disappear

errington cheese

Errington wins latest fight over its raw cheese Subscription

30 Jan 2017 | By Carina Perkins

The cheesemaker linked to Scoland’s major e.coli outbreak has won its latest fight with authorities

hormones one use

NFU slammed over hormone and chlorine washing comments Subscription

26 Jan 2017 | By Kevin White

In a radio interview, strategic director Martin Haworth appeared to suggest the NFU would support the practice


UK farming 'on the right track' on cutting antibiotic use Subscription

26 Jan 2017 | By Kevin White

UK farming has made progress, according to the Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture alliance

hens alive chicken

Free-range eggs threatened by avian flu restrictions Subscription

25 Jan 2017 | By Beth Gault

Call for extension on EU rules defining what constitutes free-range eggs after bird flu housing orders


Food industry making progress on acrylamide, assures FDF

23 Jan 2017 | By Carina Perkins

 The FSA has launched a major public health campaign on acrylamide after a study confirmed Brits consume too much

tuna one use

Illegal treatment of tuna with nitrites persists says EU Subscription

19 Jan 2017 | By Kevin White

The EU called for trade bodies to report any suspicion to their respective food regulators

thorntons santa recall

Thorntons recalls chocolate Santas over plastic fears Subscription

19 Jan 2017 | By Carina Perkins

Eight customers reported they had found pieces of plastic in the product

errington cheese

Errington Cheese products detained by council Subscription

17 Jan 2017 | By Beth Gault

Cheese had been placed back on sale by company this week, some five months after anuthorities withdrew them from sale


New case of avian flu detected on Lincolnshire turkey farm Subscription

17 Jan 2017 | By Kevin White

Defra has imposed a 3km protection zone and a 10km surveillance zone around the infected farm


Ferrero reassures consumers over Nutella health scare

12 Jan 2017 | By Daniel Selwood

Fears follow European Food Safety Authority warning of risk posed by cancerous contaminants

errington cheese

Errington plans to return unpasteurised cheese to sale

12 Jan 2017 | By Carina Perkins

Tests showed Lanark Blue and Corra Linn were “safe to eat”

genius bread

New gluten-free group plans tougher standards Subscription

06 Jan 2017 | By Ian Quinn

Gluten-free manufacturers have vowed to bring in new measures to protect consumers

raw milk one use

FSA calm over unpasteurised milk despite recent scares Subscription

05 Jan 2017 | By Kevin White

Regulator has ‘no plans’ to clamp down on raw milk sales, despite recent campylobacter outbreak

chickens poultry farm

More bird flu outbreaks prompt extension of prevention zone

05 Jan 2017 | By Kevin White

Restrictions keeping poultry indoors will be kept in place until 28 February

Co-op Chocolate Santa

The Co-op recalls chocolate Santas amid tampering scare Subscription

23 Dec 2016 | By Beth Gault

The retailer believes the £1 Santa chocolates were tampered with…

lidl recalled gravy granules

Lidl recalls gravy granules after unsafe chemical found Subscription

19 Dec 2016 | By Emma Weinbren

Two batches contain paint-thinning chemical xylene, which can cause irritation, headaches and vomiting

sainsburys free range egg notice

Supermarkets seem switched on over free-range eggs crisis Subscription

24 Feb 2017 | By Kevin White

The big supermarkets seem switched on to the threat to free-range eggs

Scottish flag

Food hygiene ‘self-regulation’ shows progress… and desperation Subscription

09 Feb 2017 | By Ian Quinn

If any organisation likes to be seen to be tough, it is the Scottish version of the FSA

chris elliott quote web

Brexit could mean a flood of US foods the public don't want Video

08 Feb 2017 | By Chris Elliott

Much of the recent discussions between Theresa May and Donald Trump were centred around a trade deal

burnt toast acrylamide

Acrylamide: the Burning Question Subscription

26 Jan 2017 | By Carina Perkins

Burnt toast is once again in the news after an FSA warning on acrylamide. But why now and how will it affect the food industry?

joanna blythman quote web

The FSA's acrylamide campaign is a shambles

26 Jan 2017 | By Joanna Blythman

The campaign is the last straw for citizens who have diligently tried to follow government food advice

chris elliott quote web

We need a united food and farming system

12 Jan 2017 | By Chris Elliott

We have a wealth of talent that could come up with an outline for a combined ‘national food and health system’

stuffing one use

What’s the story behind the FSA pork stuffing recall?

06 Jan 2017 | By Carina Perkins

Some Asda and Marks & Spencer lines were sold on to third parties

fsa one use

Food Standards Agency under fire for recruiting big food Subscription

07 Oct 2016 | By Ian Quinn

Is quasi self-regulation for industry a disaster for human health or a smart way to pull in desperately needed resources?

Horse attached to tesco trolley

Tesco the Horsegate villain rides to FSA's rescue

30 Sep 2016 | By Adam Leyland

This demonstrates just how desperately short of resources the FSA and the local authorities it relies on have become

antibiotics in poultry, raw chicken drumstick and syringe

'Antibiotic-free' label would be far too simplistic

14 Sep 2016

Sir, ‘antibiotic-free’ labelling risks misleading consumers and backfiring on welfare

chris elliott quote web

Pineapples set off alarm bells Subscription

06 Sep 2016 | By Chris Elliott

Fresh from a trip to South East Asia, Chris Elliott reflects on emerging food fraud risks

coconut water

Buyers who ask smart questions are brands' greatest allies

26 Aug 2016 | By Julia Glotz

Brands tell us alert buyers who ask smart questions about supply chains, standards and quality checks make a real difference

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