Salmonella outbreak linked to egg packaging centre in Germany

30 Aug 2014 | By Kevin White

The recent outbreak of salmonella has been linked to an egg packaging centre in Germany


PHE points to imported eggs as source of salmonella outbreak

22 Aug 2014 | By Kevin White

Public Health England (PHE) has given its strongest indication yet that a national outbreak of salmonella, first confirmed last week, is linked to imported eggs from mainland Europe.

Bbq burgers

Pre-cook meat before barbecues, FSA warns in food safety push

21 Aug 2014 | By Gillian Rowe

A new food hygiene consumer campaign by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) is urging people to pre-cook meat or poultry before throwing it on the barbecue.

Waitrose 20 sign

Waitrose recalls batches of own-label Brazilian chardonnay

21 Aug 2014 | By Arabella Mileham

Waitrose has recalled two batches of its own label Brazilian chardonnay.



Ivory Coast chocolate makers monitor Ebola crisis Subscription

14 Aug 2014 | By Guy Montague-Jones

The main cocoa producing regions of West Africa have so far been unaffected by the Ebola crisis…

Horsemeat test

We need a strong, independent, Food Standards Agency Subscription

28 Aug 2014 | By Sue Davies

It seems food scares are rarely out of the news these days…

meat products

Red meat assurance is more vital as ever

21 Aug 2014 | By Laura Bishop

It seems barely a month goes by without some alleged crisis in the red meat industry hitting the headlines…


Foodservice must wise up as new rules approach

11 Aug 2014 | Updated: 12 Aug 2014 | By Lorraine Mullaney

From December 13 diners will be able to ask restaurant staff whether any of the 14 key allergens are contained in the food on their plates and the staff will need to be able to tell them – by law.


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Lion eggs aren't the only safe eggs

23 Aug 2014

Lion eggs are not the only eggs that are safe. What about Laid in Britain producers?…


Poultry producers determined to fight campylobacter

09 Aug 2014

Members of the British Poultry Council have conducted a phenomenal amount of work aimed at campylobacter reduction…

Chris Elliott

Elliott report and UK can lead the war on food fraud

08 Aug 2014

The good news must be that Professor Chris Elliott’s final report is to be published on 4 September…

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