chris elilott

'It's back to the bad old days in red meat' warns Elliott Subscription

28 Aug 2015 | By Julia Glotz

A year on from his post-Horsegate review, Professor Chris Elliott worries aggressive buying practices are back in parts of the market

tescoe xtra glasgow

Salmonella scare forces Tesco free-from product recall

20 Aug 2015 | By Ian Quinn

The FSA announced the product recall for Tesco’s Free From Belgium Chocolate Wafer products


Bowood Farms abattoir goes into administration

14 Aug 2015 | By Carina Perkins

A statement from administrators Leonard Curtis said the company had ceased to trade

campylobacter scientist

'Universal' vaccine plan for avian flu Subscription

06 Aug 2015 | By Carina Perkins

Scientists at the Pirbright Institute and University of Oxford have started work on the development of a universal vaccine…


food safety one use

BRC audits reveal safety standards - and risks - in UK food Subscription

22 May 2015 | By Vince Bamford

A snapshot of UK food safety is offered by the latest report on data collected during the BRC Global Food Safety Standard audits

liz claydon web quote

Trust is vital for the future of the food and drink industry Subscription

21 Aug 2015

There is an emerging demand for products that are ‘LATTE’: Local, Authentic, Traceable, Transparent and Ethical

Mike Bromley, Genon

Food fraudsters be warned: science is closing in on you Subscription

31 Jul 2015

The technology does now exist to provide a comprehensive picture of the genetic content of any foodstuff…

Swallow this

Does Swallow This herald another annus horribilis for food? Subscription

19 Mar 2015 | By Joanna Blythman

Joanna Blythman’s book has received an awful lot of press, but what are the consequences for the industry?


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FSA chicken

A safe haven

12 Apr 2015

Many retailers would argue trust has to be earned before sensitive information is divulged

Horsemeat test

Well done Tesco for publishing meat test results

04 Oct 2014

My view on the Tesco meat cross-contamination results (, 25 September) is probably different to most…

Chris Elliott

The term 'food crime' needs to be used with care

13 Sep 2014

We welcome the Elliott Review and the acceptance of its recommendations by the government…

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