Players blast Health Lottery's decision to reduce prize payouts

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The Health Lottery has defended the reduction of its prize payouts for players who match three or four balls.

It reduced the payout for matching three balls from £50 to £20 and four balls from £500 to £250 last week. The top prize of £100,000 to any player matching five balls was not changed.

The Health Lottery is now offering a “second chance to win” by giving one extra player £100,000 each week as well as prizes including a car, holidays and shopping vouchers.

Players reacted angrily to the move on the Health Lottery’s Facebook page. “Very unfair won’t be playing again nor will my family,” wrote one user. Another added: “Bloody moving the goalposts! Costing them too much then?”

The Grocer understands the Health Lottery found itself paying out 75% of its takings in winnings when popular numbers were drawn.

However, a spokesman insisted the prize structure was changed to offer the extra prizes, while continuing to raise millions for health-related good causes.

Readers' comments (44)

  • Have been playing health lottery almost from start haven't won a penny. Now they have cut the prize money, Won't be playing again.

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  • I stopped playing as well. Ther's no point in playing now as the minor prizes are won more often and that is what keeps people playing.

    If people wanted an extra chnace of winning £100,000 then they would be playing the National Lottery with smaller prizes for 3 and 4 numbers, but with the added chance of winning over £2,000,000

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  • Absolute farce! Another player lost.
    Not enough profit for the greedy fat cats!
    Let's hope it folds!!!

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  • Only realised this morning on checking my health lottery number that the prizes have been reduced drasticaly,I have been fortunate enough to have won two £50 prizes since it started last October ,these wins are what have kept me purchasing tickets every week rather than the national lottery where £10 is the minor prize,Well health lottery management I think these measures will put an end to your ticket sales ,I certainly won't be purchasing any more of your tickets' neither will any of my family or friends,

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  • very disappointed with the reduced prize money on the health lottery no incentive to play now will return to playing the national lottery instead

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  • A letter I sent to the Health Lottery.

    I have always thought that these ridiculously large jackpots were rather pointless and it would be much better if there was a lottery that distributed the prize money more fairly and when i came across the Health Lottery, thought the £50 for 3 and £500 for 4 numbers was much better. I looked on your web site for news of the changes and found them buried in the "News" column in one small paragraph. I have certainly not seen any other announcements. I think you have done this in the most underhand way and was even more disgusted to find you had reduced the £500 to £250!

    I should imagine your other customers will be of the same opinion when they find out what you have done and I would not be surprised if they did not bother to subscribe any more.

    Bob Bridges

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  • I've been playing the health lottery since it started and have won £200 so far, paying just £2 a week.

    So to reduce the prizes is a very bad move as the odds are far too high for the prizes you offer now. To win £20 you need to buy 214 tickets to ensure you win it lol!!!

    3 numbers £20 1 in 214
    4 numbers £250 1 in 9,417
    5 numbers £100,000 1 in 2,118,760

    Get rid of the stupid shopping and holiday vouchers and offer the below grid, think you'll find you will experience a higher user demand and you will still make enough money for good causes. Please re-model or you will not be around within a year!

    2 numbers = £10
    3 numbers = £40
    4 numbers= £500
    5 numbers = £250,000

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  • I spent £3 a week since day on won £50once now reduced to £20 3 numbers not be playing any more i know 15 other people that spend about £40 a week on it there not doing it any more i think it not last long now?

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  • I binded myself into a contract by buying my ticket to cover 4 weeks at the rules/prizes originally stated.On checking my numbers for the last week I found i have 3 matching numbers, but when i go to double check Ive won £50 it tells me i have only won £20. this surely is a breach of the contract i originally boughti into and believe i am duely owed £50.

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  • I called the health lottery as soon as they emailed these changes, they didn't seem bothered or willing to listen. Hopefully it's costing them now. The more people who refuse to play will affect them, they will then either bow down to the pressure and re-structure the prizes or close.

    The odds are far better on the National Lottery hot picks, there is no need for a health lottery as the selling point was the prize structure.

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