Company: Tangerine Confectionery
Rsp: 39p for a 40g bag
Competition: Cadbury Mini Eggs

The consumer
The small size of the bag is suitable for kids and has packaging that will appeal to them and mums. The name could be a little more inventive as it is very similar to the Cadbury product. Or maybe that's the point. The sugar coating is a little thick, making it hard to crack and I wonder if this may damage little teeth. The chocolate is pleasant but Barratt is up against a tough rival... Cadbury chocolate is so nice! However I think the product will do well at this price as the Cadbury alternative is rather expensive. Four stars (out of five)
Susie Howson, nurse, Hove

The retailer
Let's face it, mini eggs are great all year round, not just at Easter. The Barratt version has a very crispy shell, which I liked, and the chocolate is surprisingly good considering Barratt is mainly known for sugar lines. The packaging is contemporary and attractive to adult females and kids alike. At the recommended 39p, the eggs are good value. Four stars
Tina Hird, trading controller, Spar UK

The Grocer
Going head to head with a product as well established as Cadbury's Mini Eggs was never going to be easy, but Barratt has given it a good shot. The attractively designed packs get the thumbs up from me as they are 20p cheaper but only 5g smaller than Cadbury's version. However, in terms of flavour, Barratt's eggs lacked the creamy chocolate taste of Cadbury's. I'm unconvinced as to whether the challenger brand offers enough to win over Cadbury fans although the Kraft takeover could perhaps test their loyalty and encourage them to explore other chocolate brands. Three stars
Joanne Grew, news reporter