Company: Heinz
RSP: £1.59
Market Size: £452.6m
The Competition: Batchelors Soupfulls, Pot Noodle

The Consumer
The idea of ready-made soup sitting on the shelf for days just puts me off, which is why the taste of this soup surprised me. It was much better than I expected. Not too much salt, which is always a danger with this kind of product. It was both tasty and hearty. However, preparing it is a dangerous business. Once you get over the snotty colour of the packaging, you then have to face it exploding in the microwave. I burnt my hand opening it. Three stars (out of five)
Jessica Balls, account manager, London

The Expert
I liked this product. The packaging looked good and it delivers on taste. It is very ‘blokey’, with its thick and rich consistency, and is easy to prepare. It also proved to be very filling. I can see it being a hit among men who work outside and only have access to a microwave, but it will also work well in the winter as an out-of-home lunch option. In fact, at £1.59 it could rival products like Pot Noodle. I think this product is going to do pretty well. Four stars
Nigel Ashton, business manager, Nisa-Today’s

The Grocer
Heinz says it is trying to “breathe life” into the soup category and this product could do just that. Could. It costs less than a sandwich and is much more filling. For me, anything with suet in is a winner. But its positioning is confusing. Heinz seem to be trying to bridge the gap between soup in a tin and fresh soup. That’s not going to be easy. What may be easier is targeting men. Oh, and toning down the heating instructions: after the recommended time, both the pot and the soup were hotter than the sun. Three stars
David Burrows, Focus On editor