Ainsley Harriott has endorsed yet another food product - a spray which adds a smoky taste to grilled meat.

The celebrity chef's face already sells cup soup, cous cous, salad dressings, barbecue marinades and sauces.

This latest offering from Harriott - who once had a TV series dedicated to barbecued food - is BBQ Spray, a 0.5% calorie instant marinade for meat and chicken that combines hickory smoke with spices and soya sauce in a 370g trigger spray (rsp: £2.39).

According to manufacturer MH Foods, it can be sprayed directly on to the meat without the need for utensils or dishes. "The market testing we have done tells us this product appeals to the general public and we've had very complimentary reports about its performance and taste," said MD Fred Key.

MH Foods has also added Salad Light, a 1 Cal Salad Dressing Spray (rsp: £1.99) to its range, in balsamic and Caesar varieties.