Aldi biodegradable wipes

Source: Aldi

Aldi is to make all its own-brand wipes plastic-free and biodegradable.

The move will see Aldi’s full Mamia baby range, Lacura beauty lines and household wipes made from 100% biodegradable plant-based fibres by this summer, saving an estimated 7,000 tonnes of single-use plastic from landfill each year.

“Moving to biodegradable wipes is another step forward in our commitment to reduce plastic across our ranges,” said Richard Gorman, Aldi plastics and packaging director.

“It’s becoming increasingly important to our customers that their everyday products are environmentally-friendly, and we’re pleased that this move will help them on their journey.”

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Aldi’s own-label toilet wipes range is already plastic-free and has also been certified as Fine to Flush since 2020.

The rest of its own-label wipes will now also become plastic-free. However, the latest lines making the switch will not be Fine to Flush certified and will instead carry a ‘do not flush’ warning on the packaging.

The Fine to Flush certification scheme assesses whether wipes are both free of plastic and suitable for disposing in a toilet without fear of causing a sewer blockage.

Wilko has been making all its own-label wipes from plastic-free plant fibres since 2020 but these are also not Fine to Flush certified.